A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life is about an ant colony working hard to prepare their food for the winter. Flick, one of the ant workers accidentally loses the food for the predatory grasshoppers so he goes on a journey to find warrior bugs to protect the ant colony. He mistakenly hires a group of unsuccessful vaudevillians from  a flea circus, who think they are being booked for a performance and have no idea he expects them to fight. But they turn out to have just the right stuff to help the ants fight the grasshoppers after all, and Flick gets to prove that he is a hero at heart.

This movie is perfect for middle aged kids because it teaches them about sticking up for yourself and not listening to what others say. Even though Hopper, the boss of all the grasshoppers, constantly threatens the ant colony, they learn to fight back and stick up for themselves to beat the grasshopper gang. It is inspiring to see the smaller and weaker characters to stand up for themselves to the bigger and stronger characters and actually defeat them. It teaches kids a lesson to stand up to the enemy and not let the bullies push you around.

However, kids could look at this movie in a different perspective. In the beginning of the movie, the grasshoppers pushed the ants around and the ant colony just listened to what they said. The ants would have to gather twice the amount of food for them by the “time the last leaf falls.” Hopper’s tone was threatening towards the ants which makes them scared and giving in to what ever they say. Kids may take this scene as a way of sounding threatening to order people around and make them do what ever you say. It is not the right message to be sent to kids, but it shows that in the end nothing good comes from being evil to another person. Even though the negative message of bullying is seen in this movie, the real message and moral of this movie is to stand up for yourself no matter how tough it may be.

I would definitely recommend this movie to middle aged kids because they could have these same problems with bullying in school. Kids can see this movie and look to it for inspiration if they are experiencing bullies in school or just the world and know that it it okay for them to stick up for themselves to fight off these bullies.


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