” The winning begins when you start with a dream”

The book, Kittywimpuss Got Game by Debby Carman, is a great book for young kids. I would recommend this book to kids who would like to participate in sports, but just do not find the motivation to get out there and play with the other kids. The book is about a kitty who has no confidence in going out to play with his friends because he thinks he will bring the team down. His friends try and get him to play, but he feels that his confidence is lacking in his play. His friends get him out and tell him that it is not about winning, but getting out and just having fun.

I got this book from my basketball coach when I was younger and it taught my team that winning is not the most important part of the game. Sure, when we win it feels good, but she wanted us to learn that if we go out on the court and play our hearts out, nothing else matters if thats all we could do. One quote that she really emphasized was ” A winner is someone who just wants to play, participate, congregate and reach out of your way,” because all she wanted was for us to try our hardest. Good sportsmanship was always a key factor for our team no matter the score of the game.

I am sure many kids can relate to the kitty because they may think they are not good enough to play on a team. This book inspires kids to just get out there on a team because it is always fun to just play a sport with your friends. And also that you will never know if you do not even try.

This book is a specialty book, so it is seen only by special order.


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